Former ‘American Idol’ Co-Host Brian Dunkleman Is Now an Uber Driver

Remember Brian Dunkleman from American Idol? Neither does anyone else, and that’s why he’s driving an Uber. Dunkleman was the co-host of the first season of American Idol with Ryan Seacrest who decided to leave because he didn’t like seeing how the reality TV sausage was made. Of course, he was going to get fired anyway, so he didn’t actually shoot himself in the foot as badly as it seems even though his stand-up career didn’t work out.

Dunkleman is in the middle of a fairly acrimonious divorce, probably stemming from the fact that he was on American Idol and managed to turn that into no career at all. Even Justin Guarini has a job as the Dr. Pepper spokesman. Meanwhile, TMZ reported that Dunkleman’s financial situation looks more like what you’d expect from someone writing about Brian Dunkleman on a celebrity comedy blog.

Brian says he works about 45 hours a week and pulls in around $800 a week.

Dunkleman says he has $2,000 in his checking account. He pays $1,500 in rent per month and his expenses total $1,605 each month.

Brian and wife Kalea Dunkleman have also both accused the other of domestic abuse, because in California making up abuse allegations during a divorce is how you get sole custody of your kids.

The divorce has been dragging on for more than 2 years and the former couple has been locked in a bitter custody battle.

He claimed Kalea was an out-of-control alcoholic who was a danger to their son. Brian also claimed she physically abused him. She claimed Brian was physically abusive toward her and called her a “useless bitch.”

The guy who played second fiddle to Ryan Seacrest is so insane that I’m assuming it’s true just by sheer willpower on my part. I’m wishing that exchange into existence with The Secret.

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