Solange Knowles was unaware

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles made an appearance on Fox News Las Vegas to promote her new album “Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams”. Before the show, she was asked to talk about Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in Vegas closing down. Solange declined to discuss it. The show got awkward really quick when Solange said, “I have to say that was not a very professional introduction before. Please don’t tie me into family and my brother-in-law’s establishment.” The news anchor, confused, apologized and said she didn’t think they talked about Jay-Z’s club in the intro. A little voice then told Solange, “That wasn’t live, Solange. That wasn’t on TV.”

Owned! The fact that Solange spent the rest of the interview hiding her embarrassment behind a facade of indignation only adds to the hilarity. This would have been gold if the interviewer muttered, “What a fucking bitch,” under her breath and the mic picked it up. Solange might have chocked a bitch. Watch the clip here.

(Update: The station ran a tease piece on the closing of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club before the interview. The segment had not aired yet, although Solange thought it did. Solange also isn’t a fan of the FOX network, but is content to use them for publicity.)

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I was just reading this in work when someone came over to ask me something. Before I could click out of it he asked “Is that a tranny?”

They should have asked her that on the show.


Shit never thought of that. Damn this website. Why couldn’t he have come over when I was looking at some celebrity with her tits out (maybe Tara Reid). Hmmm, maybe also not a good idea if I’m at my desk looking at that.


What a typical response from her big mouth. She thinks she is so great, let me remind her that her 15 minutes of fame will be over in a heartbeat, and no one will remember her when she is shot outside some titty bar in Compton during some crack deal gone wrong. Everyone will say “Who?” and Beyonce will cry at the funeral while dressed in a golden swimsuit with purple 6 inch pumps and a top hat. These people are nothing more than clowns.

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