Kate Hudson is high strung

The NY Post says Kate Hudson shocked partiers with her “nasty and rude” demeanor last Thursday. Hudson was at the Gramercy Park Hotel for the premiere party for Rachel Zoe’s The Rachel Zoe Project when she lost it in an elevator going up to the rooftop with her friend.

When the friend came, Hudson and pal got in an elevator headed to the rooftop party, but the actress became incensed when there were too many people around her. “In the elevator she kept screeching, ‘I’m freaking out! It’s too much!’ while waving her arms around.” When she arrived at the roof, Hudson shunned the press line, claiming, “I don’t do that,” before going into a corner and demanding a bodyguard. She perked up when Kevin Connolly came over and flirted with her, before she left for the Rose Bar.

In Kate’s defense, “I’m freaking out! It’s too much!,” is usually the reaction I get when I drop my pants in hotel elevators.

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