Prepare your dominant hands

Mini-me’s sex tape has finally been released on an overseas website simply called For a mere $9.95 you can download the entire video of Verne Troyer’s romp with Ranae “Horseface” Shrider. AVN did a whois for the domain name and found it was registered in China. Although, a further dig in the whois db shows that the actual server is in Kuala Lumpur which is in Malaysia. The site is down right now, but if you want a preview you can click this NSFW link. But beware. This is the least sexy thing ever. Verne is like a little goblin crawling over Ranae’s body. It reminds me more of a kamikaze Gremlin attack than human sex.

  • Pete

    There goes my breakfast ….. damn !

  • Pip_X

    Hey! Kuala Lumpur! My dirty, corrupted and filled with hooker city is mentioned!

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