Everyone hates Madonna

Madonna has long been rumored to be a bitchy diva, but that type of behavior was usually thought to extend only to her fans of which she thinks she’s better than. It turns out Madonna is intolerable to her fellow singers as well.

The Swedish pop star Robyn was psyched when the Material Mom invited her to open for a handful of her European concerts but quickly found out there are rules. Robyn told her hometown Swedish paper that she and her crew were told “not to approach Madonna, not to speak to Madonna and, above all, no pictures . . . I hadn’t expected any glamour, but it’s strange that they assume that the first thing you’re gonna do is run after Madonna and ask for an autograph. My worst nightmare would be to turn into Madonna . . . Madonna is constantly chasing the latest trends.”

Don’t you know, Robyn? Everyone wants a piece of Madonna. Why, just the other day I ran into a high school senior who idolizes her. I inquired, “You probably want to grow up to be just like Madonna, don’t you?” Enthusiastic, she replied, “Madonna who? Uh, yeah. Please mister, just let me go. I won’t talk.” Sigh, kids these days.

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12 years ago

i hate her

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