Heidi prays for Sarah Palin

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt attended the Taco Bell’s “Reality Check Challenge” where they ate a taco to bring awareness to the World Relief Hunger Movement. Remember, the only way to end world hunger is through obesity. During the event, Heidi said Sarah Palin was getting a bum rap because she’s a woman and is praying for her. Meanwhile, Spencer said he’s praying for Audrina because “something big is wrong.” He didn’t let on to what exactly was wrong, just that he’s concerned.

Spencer and Heidi also revealed that they may actually be getting their own spin-off show “The Heidi and Spencer Show.” Yes, every week you’ll be treated to a 30 minute window into Heidi and Spencer’s lives. It’s like MTV read our minds. I hear in one episode Heidi visits the mentally handicapped and one of the kids eating a glue stick calls her a “fucking retard.”

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