Ali Lohan wants a BMW truck

Still two years away from even being able to get a driver’s permit, Ali Lohan has already picked out what kind of car she wants once she turns 16. A BMW truck! Although, there’s no such thing as a BMW truck. Maybe she meant SUV. One of the X-series perhaps? Anyway, Ali is only 14 and can’t get her permit until 16. You can already tell this is a bad idea.

One of the rite’s of passage for a teen is asking for a car and having the parents say, “Yea, suuure. You’ll get your car.” Then after four years of being driven to and from high school by your mom, you’re given a shiny new bus pass. How can one call themselves an adult without experiencing the joyless 4-6 hour after school wait, wondering whether or not someone will remember to pick you up?

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