Lindsay and Ali Lohan Call Dina Ugly

Lindsay and Ali Lohan are finally telling their mom Dina the truth. That she’s ugly and nobody likes her. Though they put it in a much nicer way.

“My girls are always telling me to cut my hair,” Dina, 49, told Us Weekly at Randi Rahm’s Fashion Week cocktail party in NYC Wednesday. “You know, you think you’re fashion forward, and then you have children who are way more, but you make your own look [work]. But it’s hard when you’re girls are like, ‘Mom, you’re looking scary.'” Us Weekly

People in glass houses, etcetera, etcetera. Did Lindsay even look in a mirror before or after the amfAR gala? She looked like a 35-year-old Real Housewife on Ambien. But more disheveled.

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The dad pimp
The dad pimp
12 years ago

Well, Dina makes them f**k all the old men she can’t handle in a 24 hour day…so “ugly” should really be “generous” to cut them in for her “tricks.”