What The Hell Is That Crazy Lindsay Lohan Commercial?

Okay, I have seen the most insane thing and I am not surprised Lindsay Lohan is involved. If you’ve been on TikTok, you’re wasting your life. But you also might has seen a commercial featuring Lindsay Lohan talking about farts.

Yeah, that is a thing that happened.

The mind-boggling thing here is that the Church of Famera doesn’t seem to exist at first glance. There’s no website address in the ad and a Google search turns up nothing. The website is and famera appears to be a video chat app.

There’s also a Twitter account.

The commercial is just Lindsay Lohan saying she’s a dirty little stinker and that the fragrance of salvation is in the air. “May the eye wink upon you” is absolutely about a butthole. I guess the logo kind of looks like a butthole, but not as much as the flag on Community.

The leading explanation for how this came to be is that someone paid Lohan to say this on Cameo, which is why she can’t keep a straight face reading it. I can very readily believe that having seen it. There’s really no other reasonable explanation for it.

I can tell you I definitely will not be downloading that app, it probably enlists you in the Ocean Organization for a billion years or something.

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