Lindsay Lohan Tried to Be Artsy on Her Instagram, but It Just Ended up Being Creepy

If there’s one thing all hot girls incorrectly believe, it’s that they’re brilliant photographers. It turns out Lindsay Lohan also believes this, because she tried to turn a bathroom selfie into a work of art and the result was just… creepy.

Oh, it’s in black and white, it must be sophisticated! She looks like she’s in a sex dungeon. I can see what looks like a creepy sunglasses face in the faucet and there’s some sort of Skyrim helmet on her bathroom shelf.

The only upside for Lindsay here is that if she’s really dating the crown prince of Saudi Arabia she can have anyone who thinks she’s an idiot dismembered and carried out in a couple suitcases. Gonna be a banner year for Samsonite.

Normally Lindsay is pretty good at using Instagram, which is a platform with strict rules on nudity despite solely existing for women to post sexy pictures of themselves. Or what passes for sexy when you’re Lindsay Lohan.

If she’s 33, why does she look like Joan Rivers? And I don’t mean Young Joan Rivers, I mean Joan Rivers now.

Obviously she’s had a hard life, which is why she’s haunting her own bathroom.

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3 years ago

Vile write-up.

3 years ago

What are those wholes in her upper, left back that should actually lay flat?

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