Jayden James rushed to hospital for “seizure”

Jayden James must have got into mommy’s special medicine cabinet because he went into a “vague and unresponsive state” and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors couldn’t tell what was wrong and held him overnight for observation. K-Fed is reportedly flying from Los Angeles to Louisiana to be with JJ. The Daily Mail details:

Sources say chaos erupted when Jayden suffered a suspected seizure out of the blue, at about 3pm yesterday.

‘One minute Britney and her sons were relaxing and enjoying their first visit to Kentwood in months, and the next minute Jayden had fallen ill,’ said a source.

‘He was vague and unresponsive so Britney dialled an ambulance. But she was told it would take half an hour to arrive, and she was best trying to get Jayden to the hospital herself.’

‘Jayden James had to be kept in hospital overnight for observations,’ said the source. ‘We don’t yet know what’s wrong with him.

‘Britney was insistent that wouldn’t leave him. She asked for a bed to be made up in the same room so she could be there at his side.’

A vague and unresponsive state? I’m pretty sure that was Jayden’s last ditch effort to flee his corporal prison. Previous attempts at a physical escape were foiled by his nanny who caught him trying to jimmy open the lock to his room. Interestingly enough, Jayden also pinned a “Do Not Resuscitate” note to his body but since he doesn’t know how to write, it turned out to be a picture of a blue jay instead.

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12 years ago

A blue jay huh? Uh… that’s the dumbest shyt I’ve heard all day.

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