Kristen Stewart is difficult

Kristen Stewart on Letterman

Reporters at a recent press junket for Twilight are criticizing Kristen Stewart of being difficult to interview and “over medicated.” This comes a day after Kristen was photographed smoking pot on a doorstep. She was overheard saying at the media event, “I really, really hate doing this,” to a studio staffer and sources say she had to be begged to do anything.

They should give Kristen a break. Potheads usually can’t function very well. Just be happy she even makes it to these events when her publicist tells her too and isn’t near comatose at home giggling with a mouth full of cookie dough. I bet she can barely dress herself in the morning and always shows up with her pants on backwards laughing, “Look at me, I’m a car accident victim. Eeeee!”

Note: Sorry for the lack of updates today. My laptop remains uncooperative despite the alligator clamps I put on its nipples and connected to a car battery. Posting will be back to normal on Monday.

  • DaveC54

    Well THERE’S one damned good reason not to watch it.

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