Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend is enjoying his fame

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston on bikes

Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend Justin Gaston is obviously milking Miley for her fame and guess what, it’s working, sort of. Justin was in Christian Audigier’s fashion show for his daughter, Crystal’s, birthday bash. After he finished his duties, he hit up “a bunch of gorgeous gals” with his shirt off and pants riding low (that’s just how Justin rolls). A source said, “he was flirting and definitely wasn’t acting like a guy with a girlfriend.” Did I mention this was the night before Miley’s 16th birthday? Because it was.

Miley shouldn’t be too worried. Justin is a responsible person. He took one of the girl’s himself the next day to the hospital to get the morning after pill. Such a gentleman.

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