Someone credible hired Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton will join Charlotte Rampling, Allison Janney and Ciaran Hinds in Todd Solondz’s “part sequel, part variation” companion piece to his 1998 film, Happiness.

Todd Solondz is probably best remembered for Welcome to the Dollhouse. For me, however, I will always remember him for Happiness and as the man who isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues like child rape and dogs licking semen, then licking someone’s face.

It’s as of yet unknown what role Paris will play. One can only assume it’ll be something dark. Maybe a role that will play to her strengths of being a naive ditz. Like, have her stand in front of a deep well reciting a soliloquy about superficiality and then have someone push her down it.

By the way, how many suburbanites do you think sat watching Happiness in horror after being tricked by the trailer into thinking it was a light-hearted comedy?

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