Winona Ryder OD’d on tranquilizers

Yesterday it was reported that a priority landing was made in order to take Winona Ryder to the hospital when she fell ill on a flight from Los Angeles to London. The Daily Mail says an overdose of tranquilizer tablets is thought to be the reason for the sudden landing.

The waif-like American, who made her name in Edward Scissorhands starring Johnny Depp with whom she also had a relationship, is known to hate flying.

And she is thought to have collapsed twice on Flight 282 after taking too many Xantax pills, which are used to combat anxiety.

Although her publicist refused to confirm the nature of the star’s illness last night, she said her client was discharged an hour later ‘in good health’.

You can see the crazy in her eyes in the header pic. She probably took 15 Xanax’s and ended up slurring something about a fairy and mittens while everyone held their wallets and purses close to their chests before passing out twice. Being on a flight with Winona must be scary. I’d rather be locked in an airplane bathroom with an angry badger. If I sat next to her, I’d start freaking out after she gave me her googly eyes and her half-smile and scramble to inflate that raft under my seat. But, wait. Where is it?! My god, man, where is that raft!

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13 years ago

I am sure the Xanax wasn’t even her own prescription. The law needs to look at the Dr’s who prescribe these pills in the first place.

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