Lance Armstrong is pregnant

One nut wonder Lance Armstrong is expecting a child with current girlfriend Anna Hansen (before and after pictures of when Lance got the news above). Lance was thought to have been left infertile by the chemotherapy he underwent 12 years ago for his cancer, but his testicle gave a big FU to cancer and impregnated Hansen naturally. He has three kids already with his ex-wife Kristen Richards using donated sperm. CNN says:

“This is a hopeful thing for testicular cancer survivors,” CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta said. “It means his body healed from the chemotherapy and surgery.”

Lance probably doesn’t feel the same way. I’d love to have been there when Lance tried to convince Anna that he didn’t need a condom because chemo devastated his sperm and Anna giving in after 20 relentless minutes. Then a few weeks later Anna finding out she’s pregnant and kicking Lance’s last remaining nut so hard that it retreated into his body.

[Last two images via Splash News]

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