Pete Doherty’s arm explodes

Pete Doherty

For all intents and purposes, Pete Doherty should be dead by now, but he’s not. He’s actually been relatively healthy. That’s all starting to change though. Holy Moly claims that last weekend in a recording studio, Pete Doherty’s arm, tired of being jabbed with dirty needles, finally exploded. Specifically, an artery burst.

A private doctor was called but by the time he arrived, Doherty was high and started running away from him. He had to be chased down and forced to go to the hospital.

I think a cool thing to do would be to amputate Pete Doherty’s arms just below the elbow. That way he won’t be able to shoot up anymore. It’ll be his worst nightmare. It’d also be pretty funny watching him wiggle his arms in a futile attempt to grab a gun to kill himself with.

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