Stuff you probably don’t care about

Punisher: War Zone over Cadillac Records: If only for the sole reason Beyonce is in Cadillac Records.

Huffington questions the double-standards: The HP talks about Kate Winslet’s The Reader in which her character, 36, carries on an affair with a 15-year-old boy. They ask us to reverse the roles and note how there would be a “public outcry” if it was a man taking the virginity of a 15-year-old girl no matter subject matter. They’re right. Western hypocrisy is really hindering my WWII era Lolita meets Bambi movie. Can a brotha get some funding?

Angelina Jolie is the higest paid actress: Angelina Jolie was named the world’s highest paid actress by The Hollywood Reporter. Her movies have grossed almost $1 billion worldwide and she gets paid near $15 million a movie. Wow. Cool! Say, do you think you could hand me that half-eaten hot dog that just rolled under your chair? No, it’s safe to eat. My tears usually rinse the dirt away.

Samantha Ronson is on the prowl: Star suggests Samantha Ronson is tired of Lindsay Lohan’s antics and  has her sights set on 90210‘s AnnaLynne McCord. In related news, AnnaLynne McCord recently bought a taser and rape whistle.

Brad Pitt is kinky: Brad and Angelina had a mechanical bull delivered to their home on Thursday. Consequently, Maddox has invited all his classmates to come over and watch his mom ride it. His friends suggested that Angelina start real slow at first while arching her back and waving a cowboy hat in the air, then she should alternate between fast and slow so her body will gingerly thrust back and forth and then she should slow it down again, but this time make sure she’s not wearing a bra.

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15 years ago

Dude, youre site fucking sucks. You’re a shitty version of The Superifical. How do you sleep at night?

15 years ago

lol I totally agree. Totally lame.