Evan Rachel Wood caught tonguing Mickey Rourke

Evan Rachel Wood @ SAG awards

Evan Rachel Wood, 21, was caught making out with her on-screen dad Mickey Rourke, 56, outside of Grey Goose’s SAG after-party at the Shrine on Sunday. The two were rumored to be dating back in November, but Wood denied it. When paparazzi questioned Rourke about it, he responded, “We’re just friends. And tell that faggot that said all this shit in the paper, I’d like to break his fucking legs,” so the Q&A pretty much stopped there.

Pop Tarts reports that the two were going up the stairs of the Four Seasons when Rourke grabbed Rachel and devoured her face.

First Rachel was dating Marilyn Manson. Now she’s moved on to Mickey Rouke. By logical progression, Rachel will be dating David Hasselhoff next. Hopefully she can keep up with all his hamburger requests. The Hoff loves his hamburgers.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole

I’m surprized anyone wants marilyn manson’s sloppy seconds. And Mickey Rourke is the bull-dyke of the gay-leather crew.

Must be she’s got ugly daddy issues. or she wants Mickey Rourkes little dog “faggot” to play the peanutbutter snatch game.

HAHA remember that from the Eiger Sanction (clint eastwood)? The gay guy at the resort had a little dog he called “faggot”.


she’s an opportunist. if urkel was up for an oscar, she’d probably be grinding him on the red carpet.

your3rdgrade teacher
your3rdgrade teacher

Who writes this crap?
Can’t you “writers” even manage spellcheck?


Why use computer spell check when they can have human spell checkers like you?

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