Janet Jackson blames the economy

Janet Jackson steps out

Promoter, Kyodo Yokohama, blamed the recession for the cancellation of the Japanese leg of Janet Jackson’s Rock Witchu tour. The concerts will be rescheduled later in the year when the market to picks back up. Earlier, Janet had to cancel a few dates in the US due to “vertigo”.

Of course, the other, much bigger, reason is that concerts are decidedly less fun when the words from your favorite songs are replaced by loud wheezing and requests for more cupcakes.

[Image via Splash News]

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Since she blames it on the economy, maybe she should drop the prices of her tickets so that people can afford to go to a concert… or maybe people are just sick and tired of her and her family..that’s what I think! But truthfully, these music groups and singers can afford to drop the prices of their tickets in order for people to go and see them at this point. They have enough money lining their pockets and should really consider that most people these days are struggling just to heat their homes and pay for their homes and feed… Read more »


It’s a sleaze-bondage, cruel sex show and not done well., as if something like this could be done well. She’s on the I have a man that excites me but I won’t marry as he is not worthy relationship while on the I am rich and fab Oprah diet.. Starve, purge, pains of exercise and denial to lose it, pose in a few fashion mags showing on the slim side then have fun gaining it back faster each time.


Yeah, like the rest of this bad economy ERA, everything is overcharged and HENCE the reason why we cannot afford to pay for things on time.

Expensive tickets
And a dodgy show

Are her real answers!

ms jazz

bullshit,, she is a fat mess


Yeah man, i found out about this yesterday! I was looking forward to seeing her in Fukuoka, Japan on the 22nd. I dont know what “tip” makes her think that things will be better in March but as long as I get my money back, im not tripping.


Are you fucking stupid?!?!!? Janet is not a tall person meaning it’s very easy for her to gain weight. I’m pretty sure that some of these commentators aren’t in the best physical shape either….Janet did an amazing show in Chicago…high priced tickets are you serious?!? If $100 is too much to see a legend you can serious stop panhandling….Madonna shows be way more and she’s DOESN’T entertain as much as Janet does…GTFOH! Click my name to read the review of the concert! NO LIE…

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