Jennifer Love Hewitt is single

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her fiance Ross McCall have split. Together since 2005, the two were engaged in November of 2007, but ended their relationship in December of last year. PEOPLE reports:

“They broke up over the holidays and have ended their engagement,” says a source close to the couple. “They’re both really sad about this. Even their friends are surprised; they seemed really happy. Everyone just wants the best for both of them.”

Most recently, Jennifer Love Hewitt slimmed down because of those 2007 bikini pictures of her where everyone was calling her fat and thunder thighs. She shrugged it off and told everyone she was a healthy size 2. No one believed it and she eventually went on to lose a few pounds claiming it was for her wedding.

Anyway, it must be hard breaking up over the holidays. Especially for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s chair which is just one carton of Cherry Garcia away from finally giving out.

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