Mariah Carey Breaks Up with Bryan Tanaka After Discovering She’s Dating Random Guy Bryan Tanaka

They said it wouldn’t last, it didn’t. Mariah Carey broke up with boy toy, Bryan Tanaka. C’mon, we all knew this would happen. The guy’s a rebound. Mariah Carey with all her money is not moving down the ladder to have a future with a random dancer.

Two things swayed Carey’s decision. Tanaka couldn’t handle Carey’s continued contact with former husband Nick Cannon. Well duh, they have twins together. Maybe it’s the part where they vacation together, and go to dinner and parties together, that got Tanaka all twisted. Whenever this would happen, Tanaka would flirt with other women to get back at Carey. Sounds mature.

Also, Carey didn’t like Tanaka using her as an ATM to fund his high fashion purchases like Gucci and Balmain. Tanaka also has a taste for jewelry. Add it up and Carey realized that he was using her for fame and money. Surprise!

Here the two are in happier times.

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