Jeremy Piven gets called out again

As you know, Jeremy Piven dropped out of the Broadway play Speed the Plow amidst claims that he suffered from mercury poisoning due to eating too much raw sushi. Piven claimed that he was having trouble remembering his lines and fainting in his room.

Piven then made an appearance on Today to explain himself saying the only protein he’d ever gotten for the past 20 years was through eating fish. So you would see how Piven would have come down with mercury poison at some point.

Regardless, the National Fisheries Institute took offense to his comments. They ended up annotating Piven’s Today interview with facts of their own such as “there is no peer-reviewed evidence that anyone in the U.S. has ever suffered from mercury poisoning from eating commercial seafood,” and “Jeremy Piven is a big fat head.” The NFI has a really good point with that last one.

While people can get mercury poisoning from fish, it doesn’t happen often, but there have been instances where high levels of mercury have been found in tuna sushi. Decide for yourselves, I guess.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

I suppose the protien from all the semen he’s swallowed doesn’t count.

15 years ago

he’s a cokehead …. everybody knows that. Why couldn’t he just quit? Quitting is awesome. I love to quit things, it makes me feel great