Katy Perry was a mistake

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Katy Perry won international song of the year for I Kissed a Girl at the NRJ Music Awards. Sadly, her victory was short-lived and the award was ripped from her spectacular double D’s after the host announced that there had been a vote-counting error. The award was then given to its rightful owner, Rihanna, for her hit, Disturbia.

Thank god. That song is annoying. I’d rather smash railroad spikes into my balls. The only way anyone could stand listening to that is if Katy was jumping up and down to the song. And she wasn’t wearing a bra. Because she was topless.

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  • KwShinigami

    no – reap what you sow. You are basically saying there is a moral judgement that you dictate… many guys get scorned in the office because someone who isnt’t part of a joke is offended even if no one was even talking to them… same here, ANYONE can be offended by this and complain since that is the culture now. If it offended ANYONE it should be removed and apologies given

    • David P

      There really is a rather MASSIVE difference between someone who has been accused of rape and performing lewd actions in front of women who clearly did not consent to his doing so, and someone who repeated the lyrics to a song that Katy Perry herself obviously has no problem with. Hey, I get it, Ellen’s picture with Katy is a bit racy and suggestive, but do we really need to go down the overly sensitive PC road again? People need to take a chill pill and realize the difference between actual physical assault and potentially suggestive behavior that did not involve touching another human being without consent!

      I agree with the author and present another South Park episode’s jab at people complaining that Christmas offends them, an since it offended ANYONE, anything deemed offensive to just one person would need to be removed from the children’s Christmas play turning it into a non-denominational bore.

      • Joe Gerber

        I think K’s point is that if a man jokes with a co-worker in the workplace and the content of the joke is sexual in nature, even if it is not directed towards any other co-workers, and it is overheard by someone and they complain, that man can, and usually is, fired for sexual harassment. This is the type of fear men have lived with since the PC epidemic began. Comparing what Ellen said to what Weinstein did is asinine, I agree. But this writer would be the first to bash any man who had made the same type of tweet to a female, even if it was in the exact same context of them being friends. It serves to deomonstrate the hypocrisy and ridiculousness of the PC movement.

      • Mat

        no, katey was raped as well as lesbian Ellen could rape her. SInce she has no real equipment, this is very bad and Ellen mjust be removed from the airwaves.

        • James C Gray

          But “locker room antics,” Matt. Maybe Ellen should run for president?

        • moderndude

          Mat, what does “no, katey was raped as well as lesbian Ellen could rape her” mean? In English, that is? BTW: what does “SInce she has no real equipment, this is very bad …” mean? Also, in English?
          I know you were probably in a hurry to say something you thought germane or witty or something. But let’s slow down a bit, let’s try for something that’s at least intelligible.

  • NorthstarMN

    It’s great celebs are finally getting exposed for the trash they have become. It’s been a long time coming. They get on their pedestals all the time and talk the talk about morals good behavior and yet they exempt themselves from those very morals they preach to everyone else. Ellen took to twitter and she has to deal with it now. Her show needs a new rating, maybe for adults only? Her show is just a cover for her to hide her other face. When celebs are in the public eye, they need to show and be who they really are and let the chips fall where they may. People will like to see them, or they will look elsewhere for their entertainment. It’s the way it should be.

  • PC Police

    What’s worse than a double standard? A pathetic attempt to defend a double standard. Of course Weinstein’s actions were much, much worse than Ellen’s. But when Ellen is given a ‘pass’ for doing it as a ‘joke’ and just about everyone else (especially men) cannot get a pass if it’s a joke…there lies the obvious double standard. Using this writer, Jeremy’s logic, when it’s done in a jokingly manner it acceptable. Hypocrisy at it’s finest…

    • rick

      it was done in jest BETWEEN FRIENDS you friggin’ idiot. Don’t extrapolate anything else from it than what it was – it makes your argument look ridiculous.

      • Nyssa Zyla

        Friends with fringe benefits

    • James C Gray

      you think Weinstein was doing it “as a joke”? That’s not hypocrisy, PC P… That’s absurdity.

  • Esor

    I think the rules are pretty clear. . .Ellen is like all the other comediennes . . . she may say and do anything and it is judged appropriate by her fans.

    But if she as a “role model” holds up lesbianism and lewd jokes with friends.. . and you applaud her doing so. . .I suppose it says as much about you as her. Should she get a pass because she’s not as bad as Weinstein. . . I think she should be judged for exactly what she does. . . Certain responsibilities celebrities have to all their fans. . . decency and thoughtful expressions come to mind. . . if she fails to do so, then she needs to accept the consequences. . . apologies to those offended comes to mind.

  • Tony Delli Gatti

    She made a joke. Get over it. I thought it was hilarious. Ellen meant it in good fun and I enjoyed it. If Katy wasn’t offended then it’s none of anybody else’s business. I say great joke Ellen. I loved it and I support you!!!! Humor between friends is between them. I am so sick of people getting offended over the stupidest things. It’s getting so you can’t even have fun or do anything without offending someone or someone getting up in your business getting upset over something that has nothing to do with them. Her joke wasn’t even in the same ball park as what Harvey did. Grow up!!!

    • Mat

      yeah its hilarious that the liberals are crumbling to dust.

      • rick

        How so?

    • Joe Gerber

      This is the slippery slope that liberal PC activists have created though. If this same type of thing happened in the workplace it would be considered sexual harassment, even if neither party in on the joke were offended or complained. All it would take is someone overhearing the joke, being offended, and then complaining to management. I agree that the only person that has any right to complain would be Katy if she were offended, which I doubt she was. But this is the world we live in now thanks to SJW’s being offended by everything.

    • daniel43

      if it’s between friends then why publish it?

  • Harvesting Ore

    so, it’s ok when a girl makes a pass at a girl, but not when a guy does it… sexist pig bullshit, you want equal rights? you got em.. she needs to be charged with harassment

  • Jeff Dowder

    she has no endearing qualities, an ugly woman

    • CrashMe2

      BS, and a woman doesn’t need to be attractive to be endearing, pig

  • Soloman Picoult

    What Ellen did was the equivalent of the construction worker “cat-call.” Men have been scorned for such behavior for years. Yet because Ellen falls within an acceptable SJW classification, this writer is willing to look the other way.


    • S

      Ummmm the construction workers doing a “cat-call” do not know the women they are doing it to. Ellen personally knows Katy they are friends. there is a huge difference. It is ok for friends to joke around. Harvey W wasn’t the actress’s good friend when he made passes at them or comments. I don’t understand why people don’t see the difference.

      • Brendan Reynolds

        Agreed that the friend aspect makes a significant difference. At the same time, it’s hard to argue that Ellen is not objectifying Perry, and while it seems to be harmless fun between friends, I have to wonder if Perry would be completely comfortable with a lesbian who is not her friend ogling her as shamelessly as any heterosexual male would.
        At the end of the day, the most important consideration of what does or doesn’t qualify as harassment is how it makes the person who is being objectified feel. If Perry is cool with it, everyone else should be too, but it would help if Perry could/would explain why she’s cool with it. My guess would be because it was interpreted as a flirtatious joke between friends.

      • Leon Hamlin

        A better comparison is two friends at work sharing a racy joke that is overheard by someone walking by. Even though the audience of two were cool with the content of the joke, a bystander can be offended by this. Now since this is out there in the Twitter/Social Media universe, I can see how one could be offended by this.

      • rick

        Because they’re stupid

  • Mat

    LGBT immoral anti-family, anti-child agenda exposed again by Ellen hornily showing what she thinks of someone’s daughter, named Katey Perry(what do Katey’s parents think?). I wonder what -the pretend-lgbt–wife standing next to Ellen thinks of Ellen grabbing a womans breast right next to her?…well she doesn’t care, because, as Milo says, there is no such thing as a Lesbian.

    • CrashMe2

      your comment leads me to believe you are a total moron

  • El Kabong

    No it is wrong, completely wrong. If a man had sent out that tweet, regardless of friend or not, he would have been roasted by the media and most of Hollywood! What is funny is the writer trying to defend Ellen, and it makes the writer look stupid. A twitter post is a public post, not something being said between friends in private. Believe me the reference in the tweet did not get past anyone. Haven’t we been told for years and years that women can wear whatever they want, wherever they want to, and not be judged by what they wear! I guess Jeremy Lambert didn’t get the memo.

    • rick

      No, actually it does not make “writer look stupid”…but your comment does. LMAO

  • S

    This is crazy to me! There is a big difference between joking around with friends vs making a comment to a stranger or someone you barely know. Ellen and Katy are good friends.

    • daniel43

      If you mean “joking around with friends” as the same as locker room “joking around with friends” then I guess you’re correct it just depends on who you are and who overhears and makes political hay out of it.

    • SarahPhalin

      Then why didn’t she “joke around” with her friend in private? Oh yeah, Ellen…the attention whore.

  • elemenohpee

    well if female stares at another females tits, it’s OK. If a guy does it, it’s wrong. But since Ellen is a dyke, it’s the same as a man staring at them…

  • daniel43

    my new tee reads “I was NOT assaulted by Harvey Weinstein”

  • Chicken Little

    They are right, a gay woman oogling a straight woman is still sexual harassment in the industry. It is uncomfortable and unprofessional.

    • James C Gray

      oh come on… it’s just harmless locker room talk!

  • Doc Ocotillo

    I have female friends who can joke about huge schlongs and I can express knowledge of their having boobs, etc. I cannot do this or don’t feel i have the relationship with any such women that I work with and so I am more circumspect there.I think any sentient being is capable of making this distinction and obviously there are some people who don’t care to.

  • Bob Giantonio

    Liberals are dying on the vine they grew. Love it.

  • Chronos Z. Wonderpig

    when Trump joked with Billy Bush he was deemed a monster. when Ellen jokes with Perry its OK…I get it

    • Pillar

      Looks like you don’t get it at all. Ellen made a joke reference to a Katy Perry song in her Happy Birthday tweet. She’s not being a sexually aggressive creep nor has she bragged about being such. She was not, in a serious manner telling Katy to disrobe for her own sexual gratification or to debase her.
      Trump had bragged about what he had done to women and what he CAN do to women. Trump had recounted how he tried to push a married woman to have sex with him.
      You’ve completely missed the difference between the two. I don’t see how you can even conflate the two if you have half the intelligence that you think you do. Wonderpig indeed.

  • Washington Watchdog

    Sorry but Ellen’s comment was not acceptable.

  • Nyssa Zyla

    I’m not a male and yes this is a double standard. Ellen looks like she’d like to get her hands those BIG BALLOONS. As far as the whiny actresses that layed down for Weinstein-if it was SO bad why wait til now? You did it to make it ‘big’ and now we’re supposed to feel sorry for you?! You had a chance to say NO- you didn’t. Take your money and go buy a lollipop and SHUT THE F up already. You made your bed – lie in it!

  • vcm

    Since Ellen is from the island of Lesbo, her tweet, in today’s climate, cannot be taken any way other than as a sexual “assault”. Congratulations, liberals. This is the world you have sought. Now live with it.

  • Thomas

    Had Ellen been a man doing this to Katy Perry, he would have lost his job …. been charged with sexual assault …. and would now be receiving death threats through hashtags! This only goes to show why Harvey Weinstein and all the rest are able to get away with rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment; as long as you are “on top” and contributing to all of the correct Liberal causes, you can do pretty much what ever you please and the militant Liberals will circle the wagons to protect you!! Keeping the ideology safe / furthering the ideology is ALWAYS more important than the carnage and damage that is caused by letting these sexual predators run loose.

  • Pamela Morgan

    This discussion is horrible. I laugh and joke around with my girlfriends all the time. NO ONE can complain about their friendship except Ellen and Katie. NO ONE! If that is their relationship and Katie loves it then good for them. Let Katie complain before everyone starts up with the double standards stuff. So much hate in this world. I sure hope the roles are not reversed and all this hatred isn’t pointed back at each and every one of you.

  • Christopher Yelovich

    Dear Jeremy Lambert,
    Who made you the judge of what is offensive? Are we to assume you have the knowledge of what is in people’s hearts and minds?

    Ellen made a crass “joke” to accompany a totally inappropriate photo. The shallow minds that actually care about the Twitter verse found this disgusting. Just as they have many other examples. To pretend outrage in this instance shows your own shortcomings and prejudices.

  • SweetSharron

    This is no different than a man staring down into the breasts of a woman with a low cut top, and then opening his mouth like he is going to “eat up” her boobs. In this case… Ellen DeGeneres is the man “figure” in a homosexual lifestyle and her “wife” is standing right there with her laughing. Now she apologizes for her actions and all is well. How about the old “fart” George Bush (Sr.) in his wheel chair. He is at the level of a woman’s butt, so he reaches out and pinches women’s butts. His wife, Barbara, is right there with him and she rolls her eyes as if this is “okay” and she is used to his behavior. Old man Bush apologized and all is supposed to be just fine. This is wrong no matter how you look at it. Donald Trump is being eaten alive for making comments about women while socializing with only other men and someone over heard it. He has apologized so many times, it should now be embedded into the minds of everyone. Yet he has been chastised ever since. Bill Clinton cannot keep his “pecker” in his pants and has raped many women. His wife was aware, yet these “celebrities” seem to be immune from taking responsibility for their actions and behavior. The “rooster” Bill Clinton is still out there continuing his dominance over the abundance of chickens in the giant chicken coop.

  • Josh Powers

    If it were a man in that photo looking at Katy Perry like that and saying that….holy shit. I guess it’s okay if you’re an annoying-ass famous lesbian.

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