Katy Perry was a mistake

katy perry nrj 10

Katy Perry won international song of the year for I Kissed a Girl at the NRJ Music Awards. Sadly, her victory was short-lived and the award was ripped from her spectacular double D’s after the host announced that there had been a vote-counting error. The award was then given to its rightful owner, Rihanna, for her hit, Disturbia.

Thank god. That song is annoying. I’d rather smash railroad spikes into my balls. The only way anyone could stand listening to that is if Katy was jumping up and down to the song. And she wasn’t wearing a bra. Because she was topless.

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Katy Perry Fan
11 years ago

man .. that totally sucks. winning an award and then later finds out it’s not yours. WAY WORSE than not getting the award in the first place.

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