Megan Fox showed up too

Megan Fox Golden Globes

I have no idea if Megan Fox won anything at the Golden Globes — my guess is no — but she showed up anyway. I tried reasoning with security guards that because of that, I should be let in as well. It didn’t work. Apparently, I don’t “have an ass you can bounce a quarter off of.” I, however, strongly disagreed. I told them you could probably even bounce as much as a half-dollar off of my ass. Then I licked my fingers, poked my butt and made a sizzling sound.

megan fox gg 01megan fox gg 02megan fox gg 03megan fox gg 04megan fox gg 05megan fox gg 06megan fox gg 07megan fox gg 08megan fox gg 09megan fox gg 10

megan fox gg 11megan fox gg 12megan fox gg 13megan fox gg 14megan fox gg 15

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Al Pelaez
Al Pelaez
11 years ago

Megan Fox most beautiful/stunning/elegant/gorgeous at the Golden Globes.

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