Paris Hilton will grind anything

Paris Hilton in Utah

No one knows why, but Paris Hilton is in Utah for Sundance and she’s being every bit as undignified as you’d imagine she’d be. Pop Tarts reports that in Park City on Sunday night, Sting was celebrating his film, Crude, at the Self/MSN party. Of course, Paris was there to grind on Sting in front of his wife, Trudie Styler.

Apparently the photographers intentionally refrained from snapping the twosome to stop rumors from running rampant, although Sting’s wife of almost 18 years, Trudie Styler, was present at the party and laughed the promiscuous performance off as “a bit of good fun.”

The debauchery didn’t stop there though. Another source told NYDN that Paris was also grinding MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe at Tao at the Sundance Lift.

A source told the New York Daily News newspaper: “They were grinding each other on the dance floor forever, before lying together on a banquette. Then the couple began sucking face hard. They left out the back door, with her hand in his pants pocket.”

Although a MySpace spokesperson refused to comment on the story, an insider at the social networking website said: “This is what happens when altitude affects your brain. They’re just having fun.”

If you didn’t know, this is what whores do for a mating dance. While birds spread their plumage, talentless D-listers dry hump wealthy men on the dance floor. As you can see, a second grade education and loose morals can only take you so far. Like, up to your 30’s. Anytime after that, the “I’m easy” act will just be pathetic and finding a man will be much harder. Paris doesn’t have much time.

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I wish people would at least use enough of the cheesy “they let you grab them by the pussy” to remind people he was bragging about the things gold diggers let rich guys do.

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