And the Oscar goes to…

angelina jolie oscars 07

Last Sunday saw Sean Penn win for Best Lead Actor in Milk, Heath Ledger win for Best Supporting Actor in Dark Knight, Kate Winslet for Best Lead Actress in The Reader, Penelope Cruz for Best Supporting Actress in Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Slumdog Millionaire win for pretty much everything else.

We also found out that acting is the most important profession in America today. The level of skill required to read lines off a script is on par with being a rocket scientist.

Also discovered was that Angelina Jolie is still doesn’t look too bad. It’s like every night she sucks the youth out of Jennifer Aniston. You’d probably find closets full of shriveled up Aniston effigies if you ever looked through her house.

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11 years ago

Are you kidding me? Considering Angie is 35 and Jenny is 40, it looks like Angie is 45 and jenny 35!!!

11 years ago

even with the botox on Angies forehead!!

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