Audrina Patridge puts on her detective hat

Audrina Patridge is asking for your help in identifying two perps who broke into her home on Sunday and stole a few sentimental items along with many replaceable ones. She posted the security footage in hopes of someone out there recognizing the world’s two dumbest criminals. And I mean dumb.

These guys didn’t even invest in a ski mask. Instead, they hid behind baseball caps and occasionally covered their heads with their forearm. Even then, concealing their identities seemed to be an afterthought. The beginning of the video clearly shows the girl’s face. And in the middle, the prancing twit of a partner can’t contain himself and lets out some sort of primal, flaming scream directly in front of the camera. They might as well have left a Polaroid of themselves on Audrina’s nightstand.

Plus, robbing a girl whose sole purpose in life is to walk around with tons of cameras following her every move? Probably not the brightest idea.

Here’s Audrina at a MAGIC convention. Yes, my friends, she’s finally “made it.”

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15 years ago

what the heck kind of surveillance camera is that! one with a smoke machine attached to it?