Kate Hudson installs stripper pole in her bathroom

Kate Hudson loves pole-dancing. So much so that she’s installed a stripper pole in her bathroom. Huh? Bathroom? An insider says Kate is positively gushing over it.

“She’s so proud of it,” said the insider. “She was laughing and giddy like a kid when the thing was installed! She holds on with both her arms and flips her legs into the air. It’s kind of amazing and totally sexy.”

They go on to mention that pole-dancing doesn’t come without its risks. In 2006, Hudson “pulled a muscle in her leg” and suffered “a friction burn on her arm” while dancing for her ex-husband Chris Robinson.

Now she’s a pro. Kate’s best move is sliding upside down from the very top with her legs spread wide in the air and crashing to the floor onto her spinal cord after losing her grip and then shouting for help for the next thirty minutes. It’s a neat trick. I guess you have to see it in person to really appreciate it.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

That’s all well and good till you end up with skid marks on the stripper pole.
what’s more gross than a s**t striped stripper pole.
(hey that rhymes)….

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