Kate Moss is pregnant

Kate Moss pretends to be a ninja

Following weeks of speculation, News of the World confirms that Kate Moss is pregnant with her second child. The father being Jamie Hince. Already three months pregnant, Moss is believed to be due in August and is expected to officially announce the pregnancy soon.

Last night, a source close to the model said: “It’s true. Kate is pregnant. She’s overjoyed at the news.

“She’s past the 12-week stage so she’s telling more and more people. Her friends are delighted for her.”

Three months pregnant? That can’t be right. Just last month Kate seemed to be stumbling out of clubs drunk. Her baby is probably floating in a mixture of 50% alcohol, 50% coke right now. At this rate, the kid’s going to come out already bent over a mirror with a rolled up twenty in one hand and a bottle of JD in the other. It’ll look more like Amy Winehouse’s long lost twin than a newborn.

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13 years ago

wow now this is something new

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