Lily Allen has a nice ass

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Most of the time, Lily Allen looks like an amorphous monster with a shrunken head and small tits. Seems times have changed because Lily looks pretty hot right here performing at G-A-Y at Heaven in London in a Blueberry Muffin costume. She… wait, what the hell is that guy doing with his hand?! Is that allowed? You can’t even do that at strip clubs or at school dances or even with your date at school dances, unless you get her really, really drunk. I don’t know whether this guy deserves a medal or an ass kicking.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
11 years ago

The dude is likely still at home sniffing his fingers. I know I would be!

Seeing these shots I can tell she needs her cornhole nibbled. Then when she gets a nice case of chapped taint, she’ll find material for new music.

” He licked my pooper till my taint got all chapped, then it hurt each time I wiped after taking a crap. Oh Capt Cornhole I hate you so much… come back and do it again, I’ll jab you in the eye with my little midget pen”

or something like that.

11 years ago

He must have got some abuse off his mates for going to a queer club. Then he went home and said he got a grip of Lily Allen’s clout. Guess he had the last laugh there.

11 years ago

ya cause shes trying to be katy perry…and her butt lokos like two droopy pancakes…gross

9 years ago

Lily Allen has a lily ass.

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