Mickey Rourke to get an Oscar

Mickey Rourke will try to fill the void that his dead dog and the Academy Awards left him with by buying a new Chihuahua and naming it Oscar.

“Mickey has other dogs but he misses Loki terribly. He doesn’t want to wait long either – he wants to get his new pooch this week.”

“The new dog won’t replace Loki but by naming it Oscar Mickey says he’ll make his comeback year even more special,” added the friend.

Mickey and I are a lot alike. He’s flamboyantly dressed and insane, I have coupons for a free Dr. Pepper. On second thought, maybe we aren’t alike at all.

Up top is Mickey’s rambling acceptance speech at The Spirit Awards. He makes a few good points in there. That’s what I would say if I understood what he was talking about.

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