Pamela Anderson is living in a trailer

You knew this day was coming, you just couldn’t figure out when. Pamela Anderson is now living in a trailer park with her surfer/electrician boyfriend Jamie Padgett in Malibu. A source says she’s only living at Paradise Cove trailer park while her house is being renovated. The source tries to change the subject by saying she and her “moral, nice, normal” boyfriend are very happy together.

Nice try. Pamela probably feels right at home. It’s like when you raise a tiger in captivity. You can only suppress their animal instincts for so long. Eventually you’re going to have to release it into the jungle to let it hunt and kill. The same holds for Pamela. Hollywood just wasn’t her. She could never get used to a house without wheels. Once she landed in a trailer home, she instinctively bought a pack of Coors, a portable misting fan, a TV tray and made herself right at home in front of her 19 inch television set.

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