Paris Hilton turned 28

On February 17, one of our country’s national treasures turned 28. Gatecrasher was there.

The day began like any other with Paris and her sister Nicky hitting up fashion week where they ran into American Idol runner-up Kelly Pickler. Pickler told Paris to get star tattoos just like her because “You’re, like, such a star.” Pickler then never showed up to Paris’ birthday party.

Later, the Hiltons demanded free dresses on their phones in the middle of the fashion show. Nicky went so far as e-mailing a staffer saying that “none of the bags of free things sent to their hotel room ‘worked’ for her, and she’d be needing more.” Smart. In this tough economy, one can never have too many diamond encrusted cellphones which will never be used.

Then there was her birthday party.

Finally, at her birthday dinner, Paris treated the main floor of Butter as if it were a runway, vamping back and forth before heading downstairs to dance on a banquette.

In short, Paris’ birthday was much like every other day of the week. So, combine extreme attention whoring with a sense of entitlement, add a dash of your parent’s money and you can be a drain on society just like Paris!

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glamour shots
13 years ago

never liked Paris the girl beside her wearing white dress I think that’s her sister look way much better than Paris Hilton

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