Solange Knowles passes out at LAX

Last week, Solange Knowles, sister of Beyonce, initiated a barrage of Tweets detailing everything from before she passed out at LAX from “dehydration” to after she woke up in the hospital with an IV stuck in her arm. It was fascinating.

  1. i took a nyquil and i think maybe im getting high off it because im not sleeping.maybe i should close my eyes before these twits are bananas
    7:30 PM Feb 17th from web
  2. wonder if i dont go to sleep what will happen?
    7:45 PM Feb 17th from web
    think im certified loosing it on nyquil. going to sleep before i start freestyling on the plane.
    7:51 PM Feb 17th from web
  3. @Krucial omg i didnt know nyquil could do this to you.i took the pills tho.cant stomach cough syrup.trying to be proactive on this flight.
    7:59 PM Feb 17th from web in reply to Krucial
  4. Never taking nyquil again. I feel so wierd.
    11:43 PM Feb 17th from mobile web
  5. Woaah…… How’d I end up in the hosptal?
    2:42 AM Feb 18th from mobile web
  6. Woke up to 8 random people over me, laid out on the floor in baggage claim!
    2:43 AM Feb 18th from mobile web
  7. Guess I passed out! Scary. Hooked up to IV now . Apparantly I’m super dehydrated.
    2:44 AM Feb 18th from mobile web
  8. My mom is here! I’m ready to go! I’m fine now. Just let me go home and drink Gatorade!
    2:46 AM Feb 18th from mobile web
  9. @Atrack dude, I’m like still in shock. I’ve never pAssed out before. Think it was the nyquil too. I felt wierd when I woke up
    2:48 AM Feb 18th from mobile web
  10. @Krucial thanks so much!!!! I AM indeed staying away from that shiz. I’m trying to plan an escape out this piece.
    3:15 AM Feb 18th from mobile web
  11. This has been the day from hell. I’m done with the second Iv. I just want to get in the bed and lay with Julez. That’s all I want.
    3:17 AM Feb 18th from mobile web
  12. I’ve never passed out before. S**t was like the movies. People standing over me saying “hello”. I’ve been embarrased enough today.
    3:19 AM Feb 18th from mobile web
  13. My mom is the best. LOL. She’s like ain’t nothing wrong with this girl, she need some water and rest… Pull up the car! LOL
    3:21 AM Feb 18th from mobile web
  14. Blood pressure low
    3:26 AM Feb 18th from mobile web
  15. I’m out! Yay!
    3:45 AM Feb 18th from mobile web
  16. they let me go….. Rest. Water. Rest. Water.
    3:46 AM Feb 18th from mobile web
  17. ok. so im just waking up. i feel fine. then someone tells me its all online i OD on Nyquil. yikes. no.
    1:55 PM Feb 18th from web
  18. i have been sick with the flu for a few days, took the correct dosage on the plane of the medicine (2 capsules) the flight was 6.5 hours
    1:57 PM Feb 18th from web
  19. when i landed and woke up, i felt weird…i thought from the Nyquil maybe but turns out I was really dehydrated so thats what caused me..
    2:00 PM Feb 18th from web

The picture above of Solange with her blankie is moments after she passed out at LAX’s baggage claim. Looks like the Knowles missed their chance to ship her off to Japan. It would have been hilarious if she woke up at a subway station late at night surrounded by a bunch of pervy men groping at her and wearing panties on their heads.

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