Jamie Kennedy likes his chunky girlfriend

Jamie Kennedy loves his plump Jennifer Love Hewitt. He doesn’t even mind she has delusions of being a size 2. He also loves the fact that a romantic evening involves eating a homemade dinner or going to Taco Bell. Mmm, edible enemas.

“She’s had weight issues too for years and was self-conscious to the point that it affected her relationships with men,” an insider tells Star. “Jamie prefers women who have a bit of meat on their bones. He makes her feel comfortable in her skin.”

“The only thing Jennifer has to worry about with Jamie,” adds the insider, “is getting too skinny!”

Whatever. You know this guy is mixing laxatives and Ipecac with Jennifer’s food. The only reason Jamie is happy is because she’s out of his league. It’s like one day he showed up to a fancy rooftop party in a janitor’s uniform and Jennifer fell in love because she thought he was being witty and ironic when really all he was there to do was unclog the toilet.

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