Lily Allen attacked the paparazzi

Lily Allen is angry

Lily Allen went off on a paparazzo in London yesterday when one of them accidentally rear-ended her. As soon as it happened, Allen got out of her car, threw a water bottle at him, kicked him and then either slapped or punched him or both. I like how the other photog and her bodyguard have a look of horror and confusion on their faces like they just witnessed some old lady get pantsied.

The photog being attacked only looked mildly annoyed like when a kid beats on you with one of those foam baseball bats. Being rejected at a bar probably hurts more than what Lily’s doing. She is feisty though and doesn’t seem to have a lot of quit in her. You’d probably need a lot of rope to keep her strapped to your bed. Heh heh heh.

lily allen attack 01lily allen attack 02lily allen attack 03lily allen attack 05lily allen attack 06lily allen attack 07lily allen attack 08lily allen attack 09lily allen attack 11lily allen attack 13

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