Madonna will make her way to Malawi this weekend

madonna outtakes 05

Turns out Malawi doesn’t think Madonna is too whorey to adopt one of their orphans. The AP reports that Madonna is hitting up Malawi this weekend to find a baby girl to take to America. An official from the welfare department in Malawi also confirms that Madonna will soon be arriving.

The adoption agency in Malawi are already teaching their babies how to do puppy dog eyes and have hung signs around everyone’s necks written in crayon that read “Looking for a good home.” Everyone, that is, except for little Susie over there. No one wants to teach her anything or hang squat around her neck because, between you and me, she smells and is sort of a bitch.

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Mihaela Radu

No wonder her behavior is as it is. Shes one of the biggest musical thieves ever.

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