Natasha Richardson’s death may have been prevented

Logs dug up by TMZ show that Natasha Richardson wasn’t admitted to the hospital until four hours after her initial fall. Early reports say she was admitted one hour after.

Reports that say Richardson was laughing may have been greatly exaggerated as well. According to the New York Times, paramedics say Richardson wasn’t laughing, but was sitting on a stretcher and were told to leave.

Even at the hotel, it took paramedics more than half an hour before taking her to the hospital.

What does this discrepancy mean? Was Richardson’s death preventable and someone somewhere made an error in judgment? Is it a cover-up? Maybe, maybe not. The fact of the matter is, Richardson died from a blunt impact to the head and no one saw this coming. There was no mystical ball someone could have looked in to save her.

It’s like the time I fell off a ladder onto my head while trying to spy on my neighbor showering fix my neighbor’s gutters. She didn’t even think I might have bleeding of the brain. She just maced me in the eyes and called the cops. Such a lack of compassion.

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