Sham, WOW!

Vince Shlomi ShamWow

On Friday it was reported Vince Shlomi, better known as the ShamWow guy, was arrested last month for felony battery. Shlomi was taken in after assaulting a prostitute. Vince told cops he paid a lady of the night, Sasha Harris, $1,000 for “straight sex” during a night at a Miami Beach nightclub. When Shlomi kissed Harris, she “bit his tongue and wouldn’t let go.” Shlomi then repeatedly punched her in the face to make her let go.

Harris suffered facial fractures and lacerations to her face. Security called the cops when Shlomi ran into the lobby bleeding. Both of them were drunk and were both arrested for felony aggravated battery. Prosecutors decided not to file formal charges this month.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, TMZ managed to obtain the pictures of Sasha Harris after the altercation. Oh. Dear. God. That’s disturbing. She looks like an aborted fetus. And why is she naked in one of the pictures? Am I supposed to be turned on right now or horrified? Can I be both? Another photo of Harris after the jump.

shamwow sasha 01

shamwow sasha 02

  • Brent

    Good tits

    • deb

      are you kidding???

  • Kent

    Serves her right, bitch.

  • Susie

    I wonder if the Sham Wow can clean this mess up

    • Stunspie

      Ok.. I’m sorry, but that first comment made me cry cause I was laughing so hard. Haha… good one, Kent!

      • Stunspie

        Ok.. I’m sorry, but that first comment made me cry cause I was laughing so hard. Haha… good one, Susie!

  • Stunspies

    I meant, Susie’s comment made me laugh. Haha… soo funny.

  • ShamWow can clean anything. Anything!

  • Jaguaress

    She’s naked to show the horrible bruise on her breast. Has anyone said WHY she bit his tongue and wouldn’t let go? That’s the mystery…

    • Biting the tongue and not letting go is foreplay for ’09. Didn’t you know?

  • Ryan

    he looks so old. If you looked like that you’d NEED to get a hooker. but why did she bite his lip?!

  • cybury

    hmmm…. I wonder if Billy Mays can help him out. BTW does anyone know if the hooker was german? we all know that the Germans make good stuff :D

  • VBussell

    She likely bit his tongue because hookers don’t permit their Johns to kiss them on the mouth, so if he tongued her, she likely latched down on it to make that point clear

    • thiscrackerthinks

      VBussell needs to stop watching reruns of Pretty Woman

  • voice or readon

    that shamwow dude can definitely beat up a hooker…that’s for sure…how many punches did it take to get her off his tongue?? I’m guessing once she let go of the tongue he whacked her a few times for ‘good measure’…what a fucking bitch…he should sue her…but then again, she’s probably broke and who’d want to sleep with a tongue biting hoe anyway…how sad…mr shamwow even had the commercial in Spanish…oh well, maybe they can give him a job making shamwow’s at the shamwow german factory…haha

  • For the record…

    you guys are all idiots…first of all if you kissed a girl your tongue really would have to be deep into your throat to bite it and even then have you ever played around trying to bite your bf/gfs tongue or lip? its a little hard it slips from your teeth…MAYBE you can grab the tip (although i never tried very hard to grab someones tongue) and even had she…what would be her reason to bite the guy? if they are kissing why would she just go on a rampage and bite it? there is more to the story…and as said above if she got hit once (which she was hit many many times probably at least 20 times) dont you think she would have let go? this girl has a daughter to take care of who is like 6 years because she has sex for money she is a bad person? last i checked if my husband bought me a new car…or anything nice…i know i have to be doing extra activitys in the bedroom to be saying thank you…whoever wants to prove me wrong lives in some no-where state attends weekly church service and is extremely sheltered…she does what she has to…to support her child and herself…i think that much better then the crack slinging scum balls who go and mug people

  • Mark

    for the record you’re a libtard loser! You preach tolerance then go on a tirade against any one who doesn’t sell their body like a 2 dollar whore. Just because that’s the only way you can get your old man to buy you anything doesn’t mean that’s what makes the world go round in other people’s relationships. Some people actually marry for love and have mutual respect for each other. put the pipe down and the world won’t be such a confusing place!

  • carl

    he better protect his assets with lawsuits in the making. We got the scoop on protection at the attorney stephen sears video seminar.

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