Andy Roddick still obsessed with Mandy Moore

Soon after Mandy Moore got engaged to Ryan Adams, former boyfriend Andy Roddick followed suit with his current girlfriend, now wife, Brooklyn Decker. However, friends say Roddick is still obsessed with Mandy Moore and reads every magazine that features even the tiniest bit of news about Moore.

‘It’s really weird that he still is so into her,” said a longtime associate.

As for Decker, she’s none too pleased about it and has told friends she’s unhappy about Roddick’s fascination with his ex-galpal and her new husband, and thinks ”it’s sick.”

If buying any and every magazine that features your celebrity crush and then cutting out their faces to paste on your Beanie Babies which you then drape over your nude body while you sleep is “sick,” then I don’t want to be well.

Still, Brooklyn Decker (below) is ten times hotter than Mandy Moore. I don’t see why Andy Roddick would still be obsessed over her. That’s like owning a Bentley and pining for that Toyota Corolla that slipped through your fingers eight years ago before you were rich.

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13 years ago

Mandy Moore’s music is so good but she’s lost aaalllllll of her fans since the stupid marriage. She proved she’s much dumber than she let on, which is so sad. She deserves better if it isn’t true, so let’s all hope its a backward publicity stunt that went wrong, because it’s wearing really thin.

Audrey 4
Audrey 4
13 years ago

Actually, I’ve had been friended with Brooklyn on FaceBook for a while until she shut down after being more famous. She uploaeded tons of pics of heself. Like, hundreds of them. Mostly drunk, or having “fun” with friends, and withe her ex’s. I found it really “sick” because they are all ugly. Really, is she a “model”? she isn’t that pretty. Just big boobs (which is natural because her mom has the same) She has also stated in self introduction that “I don’t read book” Most of her friends are in college in North Carolina, but she was not that… Read more »

10 years ago

That’s so mean of you to say about Mandy Moore! She’s such a sweet girl! :(

6 years ago

wow what a shallow article. you cant understand why he is still obsessed because your entire basis is on looks and appearance sad very sad.

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