Heidi and Spencer’s pictures are worthless

You may have heard by now that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are having a second fake wedding. No doubt to leech more money from celebrity weeklies to stave off the inevitable Taco Bell and stripper job they have to interview for. But wait. What’s this? No one’s buying the exclusive rights to their fake wedding photos? You don’t say.

“The total number that (Montag and Pratt) used to get from exclusive photos is down. It’s sometimes better to go all round with the deal and ensure you make money and get exposure, particularly when television shows are involved,” said In Touch’s Editor in Chief Richard Spencer.

“They’d rather be on page 50 of Us, People, In Touch or Life & Style than be on the cover of a magazine like OK! that isn’t going to sell. They need to make money, and so does the magazine. The formula is changing,” said the source.

Sad is the fact that, while no one is willing to buy exclusive rights, magazines are still willing to pay for non-exclusive Spencer and Heidi photos. Even in this economy. Strange because those photos can’t even be used to make a fire (toxic fumes from the ink) or be used as toilet paper because of the sharp edges and roughness. In essence, they’re worthless, yet, they’re not? This is a most confusing paradox.

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