Britney accosted on stage by superfan

During a performance in Connecticut, a psycho fan skipped onto the stage to dance with Britney during “Womanizer”. Britney wasn’t too thrilled. You can tell because she freaked the hell out. She acted the same way someone acts when someone jumps them with a knife in a dark alley. Funny because this guy is the most flaming dude ever. Just tell him his pants make him look fat and he’d break down in tears. Security eventually caught him by baiting a fish hook with a pair of hot pants and held him for the night in a private room backstage.

Skip to 2:17 into the video to see the freak out. Animated gif of the incident under the cut. [ONTD]

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13 years ago

what’s funny is that they turn off her mic cuz she lip we were deprived of her screams.

i hope all those in the audience were radio contest winners b/c britney doesn’t sing, doesn’t even dance and is rather portly now..

13 years ago

what a funny video!!! all the artist lip sync for their shows..they’re just entertainers and thats what they’re good for.its like lil robots who are programmed to sing n dance.they cant write their own music or do anything for themselves.put dont hate on them cuz everyone knows you still listen to her music and still buy her cd.

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