Mariah Carey is pissed

Mariah Carey, whose diva behavior has been well documented, threw a fit when the director for her upcoming flick Precious, Lee Daniels, pulled a diva move on her. Daniels showed up almost an hour late at the premiere of his film at the Cannes Film Festival last Friday. Mariah was said to be bitter because Mariah is a big star and all Lee Daniels does is tell actors where to stand and how to say their lines. What an ass.

“Can you imagine Mariah Carey waiting for anyone?” wondered our incredulous source, adding, “Both Mariah and (co-star) Lenny Kravitz were pissed off. They thought it was disrespectful.”

When we reached out to Daniels for comment, he seemed a bit puzzled by any animosity on Carey’s part. “I was not late,” he insisted. “I believe you have been misinformed.” He hastened to add, “I had the best time of my life though.”

Translation: He was plastered. Which is really the only way to deal with someone like Mariah Carey. Hell if anyone is going to listen to Mimi drone on about her Hello Kitty collection and her “talented” husband Nick Cannon sober. Yea, that Nick Cannon over there that’s stuffing a tray of pigs in a blanket into his pockets.

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14 years ago

such a beautiful, Gorgeous girl.