Miss California Carrie Prejean is topless

carrie prejean topless

Topless photos of Miss California Carrie Prejean recently began surfacing on the web. First on The Dirty, then Perez Hilton and now here. There are supposedly five more in the set which The Dirty claims to have.

Alicia Jacobs at KVBC in Las Vegas says the others are more revealing than this and may have been taken after Carrie got her boob job. The boob job the pageant facilitated.

“I can assure you they were quite inappropriate, and certainly not photos befitting a beauty queen,” Jacobs, a reporter for NBC’s Las Vegas affiliate, told NBC News.

The images may also hurt her status as a spokeswoman for conservative causes. “She can continue to advocate for causes, but I don’t think these causes are going to advocate for her,” Ken Baker of E! News told NBC.

Prejean responded:

“I am a Christian, and I am a model,” Prejean said in a statement released overnight to the media. “Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos. Recently, photos taken of me as a teenager have been released surreptitiously to a tabloid Web site that openly mocks me for my Christian faith. I am not perfect, and I will never claim to be.”

Prejean’s status as Miss California is up in the air as her contract with the pageant prohibits her from being photographed “in a state of partial or total nudity.”

Whatever. There’s nothing wrong with posing topless after a pageant funded boob job. Carrie Prejean would reason, if God didn’t want her to pose naked, he wouldn’t have created photo studios located in seedy apartments. And she would make a very good point.

If anyone knows where to find the others, feel free to e-mail me.

  • PunkA

    Wow, the gay media mafia is really going after this girl. Quite pathetic really. I mean, is Carrie Prejean really that scary to your cause? I think not, but people like Perez Hilton and others attempting to smear her sure think so. Quite pathetic really. Who cares what she said, you all are just making her more famous now.

    • Dave

      The funniest thing about all this is that she echos exactly what “President” Obama has said. I don’t see hear the gay community going after their savior!!!

      • Juanfernando

        I tend not to call non-enforceable moral claims rihtgs, to avoid confusion (though it is one of the ways the term rihtgs is used). But anger can be justified or unjustified, depending on the details; and even when anger is justified, expressing that anger can be justified or unjustified, depending on the details.Maybe you’re thinking that anger is just a feeling that happens to us and that it can’t be justified or unjustified. But as Aristotle et al. point out, emotions aren’t just raw feelings; they embody normative judgments, and those judgments can be justified or unjustified. Plus emotions aren’t literally outside our control; we control them indirectly via habituation, and to some degree directly by .Certainly, if you feel angry at someone, expressing that anger is not gratuitousIt’s gratuitous if the anger is unjustified. It can also be gratuitous in cases where the anger is justified but expressing it isn’t. There are plenty of cases where it’s right to feel an emotion but wrong to express it. Aristotle gives the example of fear there are cases where you ought to face danger, where it would be wrong not to feel fear (since the fear is a recognition of the genuine badness of whatever you’re facing) but also wrong to act on the fear (by running away). Or to take an example from Karen Stohr suppose I have to break the news to a friend that their loved one has died. There’d be something wrong with me if I didn’t feel reluctant to perform this duty, but it would also be wrong to act on my reluctance by not telling them.

  • Stretch

    “If anyone knows where to find the others, feel free to e-mail me.”

    yea me too…

  • Bobby Ewing

    What did you think. Hot Chick…. High Profile. 6 nude and topless pics…. OF COURSE they are going to come out. and man – are they good

  • Vibius

    My money is on the fact that she (or her publicist) released these to keep her in the news.

  • Expletive: BMP

    This so retarded: it is morally fine to be gay but immoral to show tits, bey Frak this world and all it’s morally corrupt self righteous indignant goat frakkers!!!!

  • Made Guy

    Another liberal witch hunt. Disagree with Obama/The View party line and they will get you! Joe the Plumber, Carrie; disagree with the politically correct, lavender mafia and you will be dragged through the re-education mud.

  • righteous

    Nobody would be going after anything but the photos if the crackpot right-wing religious nut jobs hadn’t recruited her.

  • Bobby Ewing

    Well, you all knew this was gonna happen. Think about it – for one Carrie Prejean is pretty dang hot to begin with. I guess that is why she is “Miss California”. But if there are nude and topless pics like these 6 out there to be seen of a hot girl like this – you KNOW they are going to come out. Its a given. But can you blame people for not wanting to look. Oh, and the whole she is 17 thing – just an attempt to stop the spread of these pics but other interested parties. There are also rumors that these photos were originally leaked by Prejean herself. Yeah she may lose the crown but that will be nothing compared to the opportunities that are coming her way from this huge publicity spike (ala Vanessa Williams). Anyway – back to the 6 Prejean pics –

    watercooler dot jlaforums dot com

    I mean look at these pics – she is smokin!

  • CH

    Uh.. those aren’t topless photos. I don’t know which is worse– the smear campaign against Carrie or getting our hopes up that we might get to see her nude, and then producing a picture that’s standard fare for the lingerie modeling industry. Meh.

  • Burt

    Topless and standing so all you can see is her back!! She so deserves to lose!!!

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