Pearl Jam bassist attacked at recording studio

Surveillance footage was released of Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament being robbed and attacked outside of Southern Tracks recording studio in Atlanta. Last month, three men appeared from out of the woods behind the studio and attacked Ament and Mark Anthony Smith as they were rolling up in a rented Jeep.

In the video, Ament can be seen scrambling out of the passenger seat before being chased down and beaten. He was said to have suffered a gash on his forehead.

The robbers took $3,000 in cash and $4,000 in electronics and other goods. No arrests have yet been made. Authorities say the criminals knew Pearl Jam was recording there and most likely planned the attack.

Quick thinkers like me would have never let it get this far. As soon as I see three figures rushing towards me, I first make sure to shriek like a little girl and then throw my wallet at them before falling into the fetal position. They say a true samurai never has to unsheathe his sword. That’s me. A true samurai.

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