Pink’s secret is out

Shocking news surfaced over the weekend. Hold on to your socks because I’m about to blow them off. In an interview with News of the World, Pink revealed she was bisexual. Oh, I know. You’re probably just as shocked as I am. Shocked, I say!

“Love is pure and I try to keep it that way. This is who I am, what I feel.

“I think it’s unnecessary to draw the subject out, but I think it even more stupid not to discuss it.

“It seems as if bisexuality is a trend and I should whip up the masses. Well, I don’t believe in trends, I just believe in me.”

How could this be?! Pink seemed so stereotypically straight. What with her nose ring, well-defined abs, pit bull-like demeanor, short, platinum blonde, butch hair. What’s next? Michelle Rodriguez is bisexual? Ha!

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