More Petty Celebs Have Inserted Themselves Into Kim Kardashian’s Twitter Fight

Pink celebrated International Women’s Day by taking the opportunity to passive aggressively call out Kim Kardashian for posting nude selfies. Way to feminist, Pink.

I didn’t think International Women’s Day was about putting women down, and maybe that’s just me. Amber Rose, who has recently sold her soul to the Kardashian-Jenner Axis of Evil, is in my camp. She dragged the hell out of Pink on Instagram.

Twitter also feels me, and has been taking the piss out of Pink like no other.

Damn, he both Czech-ed her Slovakia and wrecked her Slovakia.

Thanks Twitter fam.

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8 years ago

For the people who can’t tell the difference between sexual empowerment and objectification, and feel the need to slut shame out of ignorance:

John Lucky
John Lucky
8 years ago

On International women’s day feminist women from all around the country fight to support their fellow cum drinker in hopes to show men everywhere that women are only good for sucking dick and cooking meatlaoafs