Heidi and Spencer have already been replaced

Proving that neither Heidi Montag nor Spencer Pratt are indispensable, NBC has already replaced the two after they both quit the show after only one day. Their replacements are Stephen Baldwin, 43, and Holly Montag, Heidi’s sister. They are being flown to Costa Rica at this moment.

Holly promises to stay longer than her sister. It’s believed the conversation went something like this: “Are you going to stay longer than your sister?” “I really need the money, man.” Holly is a pretty good negotiator.

A little off topic but how awesome is that picture of Heidi? I want to use it forever. Maybe even print a wallet size version to show people at dinner parties. That way everyone can have a good laugh at Heidi’s expense. It’d go really well with that other picture I have of that old lady falling down the escalator. Ha! Old age has caused her to lose her balance much easier. Sucker.

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richard brian penn
15 years ago

I can just see Eric Cartman doing commentary in the background for this one. Have you considered this as your new twitter avatar?

15 years ago

She looks like Barbie.