Heidi Montag is doing Playboy

Heidi Montag went with God on this one and decided to pose for Playboy in their September issue. PEOPLE says the nudity is “tasteful” and that she had a lot of fun with it. Meaning, they gave her a ball of yarn to play with while they shot her naked.

Playboy should Photoshop a halo above her head and angel wings on her back while she pushes her chest forward proudly displaying her fake tits. You know, sort of a final “f**k you” from Heidi to God.

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Not impressed
Not impressed
14 years ago

Pinhead Spencer will be putting her in Adult Movies next and she’s too stupid to say no when there’s money involved. All mother Theresa wannabes shack up with their boyfriends when dating, do Playboy, spread eagle music videos. Her parents must be so proud. Jesus wants her to make money. They both justify their idiotic behavior by flashing how much money they make of being fake. Not impressed. Money doesn’t impress me, character does and both of these tools lack it.